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Does L-Lysine really work ????

Discussion in 'Coping with Outbreaks in Every Day Life' started by shyguy635, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. shyguy635

    shyguy635 Newbie

    Hi I was just curious I cant afford the high paid medicines and imnew to this desease. Does L-Lysine work and what are other proven methods that dont cost much for me
  2. DC1970

    DC1970 Newbie

    I have tried everything out there- lysine included, and the only thing that seemed to work was valtrex. and i had to take enough of it.
  3. LastOne

    LastOne Newbie

    Well, shyguy635, everyone's DNA is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. To some extent, it's trial and error. I was very anti-pharmaceuticals, so I tried L-Lysine for 1 year after my initial infection. I took it every single day and still had, on average, 2 outbreaks per month. Finally, after a year of this misery, my doctor convinced me to go on acyclovir full time. It's been 4 months and I haven't had a single outbreak. My life is my own again.

    Now that's just me. Who knows? L-Lysine might work for you. Give it a try. But if you're still having outbreaks more often than you want them, you should get on the acyclovir (which, I believe, is cheaper than Valtrex, but don't quote me on that). After having lived both with and without it, I wouldn't live without it again. I don't find the acyclovir to be very expensive ($15 a month or thereabouts), but that might be because I have good health insurance.
  4. kingkevin

    kingkevin Newbie

    Heck even without insurance it costs me 62 a month....which is reasonable. Valcyclovir and valtrex a much different story. $385 a month....obviously not reasonable lol. The acyclovir def. Helped my situation. for me It didn't stop it completely but definitely cut down frequency, severity, and healing time.
  5. kingkevin

    kingkevin Newbie

    and lysine didn't really work for me either. I literally tried twenty different things because I'm anti pharm also, wasted alot of money and hope because none of it worked. Dmso, diet, bitter melon, red marine algae, mms, inosine and paba, lemon balm, lysine, acidipholus, viruxo....need I go on. The acyclovir at least had some effect. Hope u figure it out , I'm still battling as I went off the avyclovir for a month. It woke up pissed lol...embarassing. oh well just another cold sore
  6. notstrong

    notstrong Member

    I on the other hand, am using just L-Lysine, and it has been working for me! i agree that everyone is different and everyone should try and weed out what works best for them!
  7. Hopeful me

    Hopeful me Newbie

    are you guys referring to preventive or once you already have an outbreak. I'm I believe on my 2nd outbreak in over a year so I don't need to take the meds daily I'm just wondering what it means when you say if it worked or not. How long do outbreaks usually last because I really need to get rid of this think like yesterday!!!
  8. hey shyguy635,
    im a newbie also & I think it's good to try all the natural ways possible before going on medication. I do believe it's trial & error so hopefully you find something that works for you=)
  9. Chris Nicole

    Chris Nicole Newbie

    I have both herpes viruses (1 & 2) ____________ insert long sigh here & screaming.....I am on suppressive therapy that works for 2....L-Lysine seemed to work for 1 but I stopped taking it and had an outbreak....I also was stressing heavily.....it is so important to try to stay on an even keel emotionally.....so it goes without saying it but I am now taking L-Lysine again.....
  10. winterfell

    winterfell Newbie

    I was diagnosed two yrs ago, I started taking Valtrex when i felt a outbreak coming on, but you know how that works don't take it in time it really dont help, plus i could have 4 or more outbreaks a month, sometimes stress triggered I am sure
    this past fall i went on a road trip for a month and decided i needed to take Valtrex every day in hopes that i would have less or no breakouts, well it worked, and to date i am sold on the every day thing, I am fortunate that I am 100% covered for this through health insurance, i may miss a day or two now and then with meds, and i have felt a outbreak coming on a couple times but as soon as took the Valtrex I was good.
    I treid other things before I went on Valtrex full time, but it was a waist of money and time for me, but I am still searching for alternatives as I wont always have the medical coverage i have now
  11. kena1986

    kena1986 Newbie

    Ive been taking L-lysine for about a year now, it works great!!! Whenever i feel a tingling, I take 4 to 6 tablets of 500 milligrams (1,000 milligrams is better, but only take 3 per day if you choose to take 1,000 millgrams) throughout the day for about a week. On about the 2nd to 3rd day you'll notice that the outbreak wont even come through!! Keep doing that and it will decrease the outbreak. Also if you take L-lysine daily that also decreases the amount of outbreaks you get. I just blocked an attack!! I blocked the soar from coming! So good luck and remember it wont work for everyone but it may just work for you, I havent had an outbreak in over 8 months
  12. L-Lysine does work

    I use 1000mg tablets about twice a day. If I feel shingles, eat something with high L-Arginine in it, or if I'm under a lot of stress, then I might take it once in the morning, afternoon, and evening (on a empty stomach of course with lots of water). I also take multi vitamins and fish oil pills too so that could contribute to it as well. But I haven't had an outbreak in 3 months since I've started taking them correctly. But it will never compare to Valtrex because Lysine just helps prevent flare ups, not transmission of Herpes. But if outbreaks is your problem, Lysine is a lot cheaper!
  13. Affidat

    Affidat Newbie

    In my experience, no. Take the meds the doctor prescribed you. If it's too expensive, or you're not covered, find a way of obtaining meds; there are many options that your doctor should be able to help you pursue. Lysine might make it "better", but you'll still have OBs. You're better off taking it alongside Acyclovir et al.
  14. purseone

    purseone Newbie

    I dont have too much experience but when I was having my first ob I took up to 3 1000 l-lysines a day with valtrex and it seemed to help. Then again it could have been the valtrex.
  15. thisisnotme

    thisisnotme Member

    i had my first outbreak two weeks ago, and i got on valtrex and that helped, i also started taking lysine pills 4 days ago. i also take a bunch of vitamin c pills every day. my sores seem to be healing, but i just finished the valtrex and theyre nott completely healed. i wouldnt take the lysine in place of the antiviral medicines.
  16. Acesheart

    Acesheart HC Support Provider

    Hey ya'll , I have always taken antivirals and also Vit. B-12 complex sublingual, its liquid, and I also added Lysine about 8 months ago. The Vit.B -12 helps with nerves health and stresses and energy. The Lysine helps to keep H from replicating in the body. I have only had two ob's ever , so I can't say if it works , but my dr. (when I told him about it) says it cannot hurt. I have noticed a huge improvement in my tingles tho and I can tell it has to be the Lysine, since this is the only thing I have added to my regime that is new. The other two things I have take faithfully for 24 years.. So I say Lysine does work. Hope this helps.
    Truly Ace. :)
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