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Has anyone tried Prevasure?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by rosalie, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. rosalie

    rosalie Member

    Just stumbled on this website. Anyone tried it? The ingredients look good, pretty standard immune boosting herbs. No lysine, oddly.


    Let me know if you have tried it.
  2. spunky23

    spunky23 Newbie

    Hey Rosalie,

    I just found out I have cold sores, and I have been in constant outbreak. I looked into prevasure today and decided to order some online. I know you posted this back in August, so I was wondering if you ever tried it out, and if so did you have any luck? I am desperate to find something that will stop my outbreaks. If this doesn't work I may have to use Valtrex :(
  3. rosalie

    rosalie Member

    Hey Spunky,

    I did not end up trying the Prevasure. I have, however, stopped all my outbreaks completely, so don't give up hope! (and sans medication, too)
  4. spunky23

    spunky23 Newbie

    Really? That's awesome! Congrats! Did you use vitamins and herbs? I'm trying to do it naturally too, because I really hate the idea of having to depend on meds :(
  5. rosalie

    rosalie Member

    Yeah, I did do it naturally but actually, I don't even watch what I eat anymore. They just went away. I think it took about six-eight months for my body to fully fight the virus but now it seems to have it handled and I haven't had an outbreak or even any tingles for two full months now, actually I think almost three months at this point!

    And when I say I don't watch what I eat, I mean I don't worry about "triggers." I have always and still do eat healthy foods that are good for me - I have some allergies and I avoid the things that I'm sensitive to.

    Good luck with your outbreaks! Once my body fought this off, I realized how much like any other bug it is. Your body will deal with it if you just give it half a chance.
  6. spunky23

    spunky23 Newbie

    Thank you for the helpful advice! I have been trying everything I can to keep these things from popping up! I just got diagnosed a month ago, so if it's not better in the next six months I'll prob start on meds. I'm more hopeful now after reading your post. Thank you :)
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