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herpes and hemorrhoids

Discussion in 'Coping with Outbreaks in Every Day Life' started by keepingthefaith, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. keepingthefaith

    keepingthefaith Active Member

    Has anybody had any experience with hemorrhoids? I always knew I had hemorroidal tissue but when I was checking up down there, there is a bluish/purple swollen thing and my rectum was purple after having a bowel movement. Also, there was a tear on the hemorrhoid. I can't really see properly down there, but could it be a lesion? I didn't have anything where my primary OB site was.

    Should I got to the doc to get checked up? Or is it either way, H or H, I just need to live with it?
  2. chay5

    chay5 Active Member

    It is possible to have herpes lesions on anus area as well, so if you happen to have hemorrhoids there - it can show on hemmorhoids and you'll get a combination of two..:( Have you ever had a tear on your hemmorhoids before? - if not, than you can have this swabbed - perhaps it is HSV. On the other hand, hemorrhoids are known to swell/bleed from time to time as well, so - keep the area clean and dry and try Preparation H just in case - maybe this will heal it fast....
  3. keepingthefaith

    keepingthefaith Active Member

    Thanks Chay,

    As I've never actually had a hem before, I am going to the doc anyway. Just made the appt. I don't know what the heck it is...so I think I should just go get it checked out. I had one of my first neurotic freak outs last night since I got herpes...like what I would have gotten had I not known that I had this virus. Ah, the good old days.
  4. chay5

    chay5 Active Member

    Are you ever constipated? :confused: Sorry for this question, but I often am and I have noticed that if I hold on too long with #2, then there must be some pressure going on there and my hemmorhoids flare up. So, - I mean - remember to do #2 every day :D - and if you do it every day - continue doing that :D
    While I am writing this I am actually rolling on the floor with laughter.:D This is the kind of obvious advice my Grandma or my Mom used to give me and it would drive me nuts - but the truth is - it is sooo valuable....
  5. keepingthefaith

    keepingthefaith Active Member

    I have very long standing constipation issues. Like since I was 4. I eat a very well balanced diet, drink lots of water, lots of fruits and veggies, etc. But I think I have always had a problem balancing water. My colon perhaps?

    So having this happen is not a surprise. I feel as if my bowel movements have changed since I got this (4 months ago) and maybe I have been pushing more. I don't know. But for somebody who has been plagued by irregularity their whole life, it would be a blessing to go every day. I used to ask my mom when I should be going and she said once or twice a day. I was going once every 5 days. Even though I'm 32, this really has never gotten better for any significant amount of time...I would love to be normal!
  6. Shayna

    Shayna Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    I have had hemorrhoids for years, my doc said most adults have them (was that supposed to make me feel better?) :???:...

    I've been to different doctors in the past to try and get rid of them, my doc said surgery is a bad idea because of the location and what goes on there, you could risk infection. So, I found a naturopathic doc who used electric current to shrink them. It wasn't as bad a proceedure as you'd think. It just made you cramp a bit, and then they were gone.I still have a few but it's much better since having that done.

    One thing I've learned is we are a magnesium defecient society (that is what the naturopath told me) and constipation is often a sign of magnesium defeciency. I have a hot drink every evening before bed called "calm". You can find it at health food stores. It's a water soluble magnesium drink that is easily absorbed into the body. It helps you sleep like a baby and another benifit is you have an easy morning BM.

    Check out "Calm" , I think it could help..
  7. chay5

    chay5 Active Member


    I can so identify with all this... I have been constipated (rolling on the floor with laughter again) pretty much all my life. There was a time I was doing #2 every 5 days or once a week and it didn't bother me at all....But as years went by, I tried to do it more often...

    Pushing definitely makes things much worse, so recently I just go for enema and it makes things much easier for me.

    Funny thing, I had one month in my life, about 3 years ago when all of a sudden I became normal and regular - and I have no idea what was the reason for this :confused:- I would get up - go to the bathroom - and there it was..:D I felt so blessed and was sure it was some kind of divine intervention - but then it stopped :(. So now, I do enema....The good thing is - it is like colon cleanse on a regular basis so I hope it is good that way...

    I think 1-2, max 3 days is still good, but I wouldn't wait longer- afterwards I can get really stuffed and it's hard to get things moving... And with herpes is picture, it is important to keep this area as problem-free:roll: as possible

    For maintenance, I recommend Preparation H (cream - not ointment) or just some Nivea creme.
  8. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who suffered constipation all my life, I mean as far back as I can remember! I was lucky if I went once a week, very uncomfortable.

    Straining during BM's is a common cause of tearing (anal fissures) so I imagine having hemorrhoids only exacerbates the problem.

    About 12 years ago I starting using a high fiber product, kind of like metamucil but much more in it. After 30 days I started actually going on a daily basis. Wasn't the most pleasant tasting stuff and it was expensive so I eventually just changed to metamucil. Was just as effective for a long while then, like anything else you need to increase it and it does bloat you, I hate that feeling. Never gave it up though but now I only take it at night but use a 1 1/2 dose. Back in January I started on the probiotics and my stools have never been healthier.

    I hope it continues to work like it does because I have been able to go just about everyday for the past 12 years and it is such a relief! Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in the hat, maybe between the magnesium, calm, metamucil and probiotics it will help you girls too.
  9. chay5

    chay5 Active Member


    welcome to the club - I mean at least we finally know we both belong to one (1) club together for sure ;) :D

    Please tell me exactly which probiotic (name, manufactureer) do you take? I would like to try it
  10. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    Hi chay,

    I figured we'd find something in common,lol.

    I buy most of my supplements at vitamin World. The one I have been using is Potent Probiotic Acidophilus with pectin.

    Label info: Supports Intestinal Health*
    3 Billion live cells per capsule**

    Supplemental Facts: Calcium 142 mg

    Proprietary Blend of Cultures 282 mg (as
    Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. brevis, L. salivarius, L. bulgaricus, L. bifidus)
    Citrus Pectin 200 mg

    Other ingredients: Gelatin, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

    Contains milk ingredients

    Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin suppoprts a favorable environment for nutrients, encourages intestinal microflora balance and promotes the healthy functioning of the intestinal system.

    There are several and the product # on this is 1545.

    Hope you get the relief I got, if you don't already, try some metamucil too, I find the psyllium seed husk types of fiber drinks works best for me. Never had any luck with benefiber, citrucel or that new one that's advertised on TV that starts with an M (mirax or something).
  11. alwall0828

    alwall0828 Active Member

    Add me to the party.

    Ever since I had my son I have problems. What a pain in the @ss!! LOL!!
  12. chay5

    chay5 Active Member

    Thanks for the info-

    Psyllium and metamucil/fibers - all this makes me so bloated!

    The main reason I want to be regular is cosmetic: I want to have a flat stomach:D

    I wish there was a product that doesn't make my stomach triple in size :(

    But I guess, I will try it again since I am bloated anyway no matter what:(

    How about flax seeds? It's supposed to wrap itself around food and make it slip through :D easily Has anyone tried this?
  13. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    That's why I only take it at night chay, then when I go, the bloat is gone til I eat something at least.

    I tried the flaxseed and to be honest, I couldn't handle the taste, but I'm going to start taking some flax oil again. Didn't really seem to make a difference when I was taking it but it can't hurt.

    I forgot to add that it could take up to a month with the metamucil before you really notice an improvement, but If you just take probiotics I don't know because I have been taking the fiber forever.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2008
  14. keepingthefaith

    keepingthefaith Active Member

    Not to break up the "irregular" party but...

    Guess what? I went to the doc today and it is not a hemerrhoid! It's an ulcer, as she calls (a lesion). So I officially have been notified of my 2nd OB. It is a swollen area by my rectum and she said that the lesion is about the size of dime (a little smaller). So even though it looks totally like a hemerrhoid, it's not. I couldn't really see where she was looking. This is not the original spot of my first OB...which is where I assumed I would always get them.

    So FYI to all those has-been newbies....this herpes is a trickster. Luckily, I am only a little itchy and passing a BM has been not very fun, as I am still irregular. I was dying at my first OB and this is very mild. Just a little itchy, but as I am used to being itchy due to my other probs, this is just par for the course...
  15. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear that keepingthefaith, hope it clears up quick!
  16. marriedwchildren

    marriedwchildren Active Member


    I am very surprised by your Doctors diagnosis, a visual diagnosis of herpes even if it is a so called ulcer is not very accurate, you say you have a history of hemmorroids there is such a thing called ulcerative hemmoroids that cause the same symptom you have. If your doc did not culture it i would definately question his/her diagnosis. With all do respect most doctors are wrong when it comes to herpes, they just do not have all the answers, the people on this forum I have come to find out know more than the so called trained professionals. And worst case if it is a herpes lesion I have never heard of one that big(dime sized) sounds like it is on steroids:D

    I sure wish you well and heal fast, Take care.
  17. jnh

    jnh Member

    hi, i'm late to post on this thread but i was in the same spot.
    i went to the doctor b/c i suddenly felt my hemorroid hurt, like it had a tear. of course i couldn't see "down there" all the way in the back lol. even with a mirror.

    my doc also gave me a "virtual diagnosis" by checking out my vagina, but i plan to go and ask for blood tests. gosh i hope she may be wrong but who knows. i'm not getting my hopes up.
  18. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    Add me to the club. I have tried flax seeds. If they ground very well, you are not so bloated at first time, I am bloated and get cramps. But only first two days, and then it's working and slip through easily.
    But I like original brand Senokot. No bloating, no cramps and goes even better. Just go easy on it, so it's not too good. It's herbal, so not so bad to the body.
  19. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    I can't believe it. I happened to me too. When I got my second OB. And never before. It wasn't painful, just itchy and I noticed a tear. I hate outbreaks and I decided that if it is safe to put oil of oregano in your mouth it must:confused: be also safe to put on your anus. Burnt like hell for the first minute but tear was gone in a couple of days.:mrgreen:
  20. GeminiGirl

    GeminiGirl Member

    This was just like my 2nd OB, too - thought it was a fissure or hemorrhoid, but it definitely turned into an OB (and then spread again!). Anyway, I remembered there was a thread on problems with "elimination" - I have been reading about this colon cleanse product - it's pricey, but you guys have to read the testimonials and check out the pics. I think I might do it to help with my recurrent fissures (to make sure they don't turn into OBs again!), but I'm so scared of what might come out of me! Not for the faint of heart!

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