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How long does it last?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Hispanic820, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hispanic820

    Hispanic820 Newbie

    Dec 16, 2007
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    How long does an ob take to heal without antivirals? I am experiencing what seems to be my second OB of g-hsv. My first OB was one small blister/sore on the tip of my genitals, which is still a mystery to me on how I got it. This second OB has been mostly behind the foreskin and on the crown. I also have a red patch on the head of my penis.

    I've always had PPP so at first it looked like my PPP was inflamed and bursting. I immediately purchased the Dynamiclear complete kit and I've been taking the pills. I put some dynamiclear over the weekend, and it hasn't healed yet. It didn't sting or burn when I put on the dynamiclear. This is really depressing!! It looks like I have cancer on my genitals and it is never going to heal.

    I've read that you need to keep the area dry, correct? So is it a bad idea to completely cover the infected areas in lysine cream or abreva or something like that?
  2. VVK

    Staff Member Moderator

    Dec 22, 2007
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    Hopefully it is starting to show signs of healing by now. Usually the process takes 2-4 weeks. It will vary depending on how your body handles the infection. For example, since I have oral herpes, my worst outbreak took about 2 months to completely clear up (this was during a period of bad diet, stress, no access to lysine, etc.) and my shortest outbreak lasted 2 days (saw the spot, used heat therapy, took lysine for the day, put abreva on it, only some inflammation left the following day).

    The idea of keeping the area dry is to prevent secondary infections of the sores by bacteria and to stop skin from "fusing" together and causing problems later (especially for ladies). If the sore is consistently weeping, you can try bathing it in epsom salts (magnesium sulfate, NOT sodium chloride) to dry it out.

    While you can put lysine ointment on it, don't put abreva on it if the sore is already open - this seems to actually make the problem worse (I'm still trying to figure out why, but I've read several stories about this and have had the same experience too). Maybe you can try putting an antibiotic ointment on the sore and be sure to let it breathe as much as possible.
  3. Cindy Robinson

    Cindy Robinson Dynamiclear Representative

    Mar 4, 2004
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    Hi Hispanic820,

    How are you feeling today? I hope I can offer some guidance.

    You can always contact the Dynamiclear Support Team directly for help if you need it. There is an online support service for Dynamiclear customers where you can get dedicated and personal help with your individual case.

    The Dynamiclear support staff have a lot of experience and it is best to get the right advice for your particular situation. The directions included with the product are a good guide to follow and you will find answers to most questions in there.

    If the application of Dynamiclear has been made correctly you should notice an improvement normally within a few hours, and a dramatic improvement within about 72 hours or so. Once the virus is dead or dying in the area the skin will begin to heal itself, a scab will often form at this time. With the infection being located underneath the foreskin (this area is more moist than normal) the skin may just close over and heal as is without forming a scab.

    The overall healing time depends on many things, including your body's normal rate of healing, the location and strand of the virus and the condition of your immune system, for example. What Dynamiclear does is speed up this healing time, normally dramatically.

    The supplements that you have in the Dynamiclear Combat Kit should greatly help to improve the results because these herbs and compounds work internally to assist your body's immune function against the HSV. Remember to take the higher dose during active symptoms and the lower dose for management.

    Hispanic820, the first thing I noticed from your post is that you didn't feel anything after making the application. Dynamiclear should sting when you apply it, this is a sign that the application is working and that the solution is destroying the local virus in the area.

    If you don't feel any stinging or tingling when you apply Dynamiclear to an active infection then it is likely that something relating to the application process is not quite right, possibly the timing or the strength of the application.

    A couple of things that I would check:

    a) Was the application made too early, before a break in the skin or "visible irritation" developed? For best results, Dynamiclear should be applied to a visible infection (preferably to a developed sore, cut, pimple, etc).

    You mentioned that the outbreak is behind the foreskin. This of course can make the process slightly more tricky because you will need to maneuver the skin in order to access the infection. The solution needs to be applied directly to the infection using a q-tip in order to work properly.

    b) Was the application strong enough? Did you have enough drops of the solution on the q-tip to cover the area of application? If it didn't sting, it may be possible that not enough drops were used for your particular case. The end of the q-tip should turn blue from the solution.

    Hispanic820, the last point is please do NOT apply other topical products or soak in a bath after you have made the application of Dynamiclear.

    These things (epsom salts baths, Lysine creams and abreva, etc) may be helpful before using Dynamiclear but they may interfere with the healing process if undertaken after the application.

    Once Dynamiclear has been applied, the idea is to allow the area to heal undisturbed and keep it as dry as possible. The drier you keep the area the quicker it will heal. Lastly, strictly no bandaids or coverings. This can make the healing process take longer and may tear the healing skin when it is removed.

    Helpful hints: http://www.dynamiclear.com/helpful_hints.htm

    Hispanic820, please contact our Support Team for useful tips here (as well as personal help with your case) and for any guidance with the application if you are having a problem.

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