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How to Heal scabs faster?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by KevZee, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. KevZee

    KevZee Newbie

    I was wondering if there is anything i can put on the tiny outbreaks once it has bursted and begins the scabbing process. Is there anything that can make the process faster and help the skin back to normal quicker? thanks
  2. Beescroft

    Beescroft Member

    I have the same concern. My sore is brownish and dry for a couple of days now, and overnight I've tried crushed garlic (no real difference) and last night I used toothpaste overnight (not much of a difference either)

    What can I use during the day while I am in the "scab" stage? I hate this!

    I bought releev, orajel overnight patches and neosporin but I barely used them because I find home remedies to be much easier. If there's anything else I can buy to help the scab stage I will gladly buy it.

  3. tearsforfears

    tearsforfears Member

    2 things that work well 4 me..one inexpensive,,,the other more costly...
    the inexpensive one..try zinc oxide cream...found in your grocery isle...basically used primarly as diaper rash ointment....the second..probally works a little better.. is RMA healing ointment(red marine algae based) try one or either and let us know how either worked for U
  4. Beescroft

    Beescroft Member

    Thanks ill look for them tomorrow.

    For now I will use toothpaste overnight for the scabs and put purell (with aloe) during the day.
  5. Beescroft

    Beescroft Member

    Starting to think toothpaste is useless on this dry scab.

    I bought aloe vera gel since I couldn't find anything else... Is this good for the scab?

    It is not straight from a aloe tree though.. Bought this from walgreens (says moisturizes dry skin)
  6. Beescroft

    Beescroft Member

    Zinc oxide is OK for scabs? They make them all white so its a bit weird.

    Also where can I find RMA? Do I have to get it online or can I get it locally to heal this sucker quicker.
  7. basa9952

    basa9952 Newbie

    Honestly man, not much you can do except leave the damn sores alone. Don't put anything on it, it won't help much.

    Try not to pick at them as you will be tempted. That will only delay the progress.

    Just be patient and let it heal on its own.

    Build up your immune system, that is key to not getting a future outbreak.
  8. Bear4

    Bear4 Newbie

    I only have experience with hsv-1 (oral) but I've used honey on some of the scabs...might be a little messy downstairs but it may be worth a try.
  9. LightntheDark

    LightntheDark Member

    I use the biogenic aloe vera gel that is sold on the dynamiclear website. Seriously, it seems to me to be of much better quality than the stuff they sell at Walmart or drugstores by Hawaiin Tropic or something for sun burns...etc.

    I always just use a clean q-tip and apply it to a scabbed cold sore. I also use it on red-marks that are left over from acne, and I think it does help. Best of luck :).
  10. Rikk

    Rikk Newbie

    AHHHH OH MY GOD STOP JUST STOP your putting WHAT on your herpes!?!?!? Christ go to a freaking doctor and ask for Valtrex and Zovirax, they are spendy but if you have insurance it isn't that bad. They work miracles even for oral herpes. I have had coldsore outbreaks my entire life, they were awful at first when I was younger, but as soon as I started using Valtrex with outbreaks and Zovirax (at age 12) my outbreaks have lessened with frequency and intensity. (19 now) Before I started taking this I would have one or two outbreaks a month, and would get several outbreaks at once. (I would have two on my mouth and one on my nose or chin or some other combo) They started lessening in frequency and intensity within a few months. Now I get one or two a year. And they are nothing in comparison to what I used to get. DONT use purell or any of that other crap! If anything use neosporin, or get the over the counter abreva stuff. I have never used abreva, but I do use neosporin in the scab stage.
  11. RedHeadd

    RedHeadd Newbie


    Picking at it is the worst thing you can do. Putting random "remedies" on it, is almost just as bad. Honey, toothpaste, whatever else you guys are saying.. It makes me uneasy. That could easily transfer more germs to an already germ infested spot.
    Wash the scab twice a day with anit-bacterial soap. Make sure you do NOT wash any other part of your face with the same soap you apply to the sore. Then, if you think you should dry the sore out more use salt. Regular old table salt. It works magic for the blister stage too. I've been using salt since I was 7, and I'm now 18. I've found it works way better than Abreva. But keep the scabs moist. Apply neosporin, or petroleum jelly. Hell, even use carmex or blistex. Personally, carmex works the best. But at least there's a variety of things to try. Just don't put random "home remedies" on them, because it could make the healing time a lot longer. You just have to wait it out. I know it's often painful, itchy, gross-looking, and embarrassing. But you're not the only one who gets them. Just gotta let it heal itself. Best of luck.
  12. Candida Man

    Candida Man Newbie

    I have found in my experience dealing with oral hsv1 for 18 years, I'm 38 and get 1 or 2 OB a year that it's best to let them dry out. I try to keep the sore as dry as possible and use a hair dryer to dry it out after they get wet. Just my crazy method... I hide out when I have an OB and use sick days to avoid work. Hiding out right now as a matter of fact. Unfortunately my 3 year old asked me about the "boo boo" on my lip yesterday. Can't hide from everyone I guess!
  13. greentea

    greentea Newbie

    I'm with candida on the hairdryer. The way wounds heal is by drying out but they need heat and moisture to encourage blood and white cells to flow to the wound. Toothpaste, salt and garlic cause damage to the wound so don't really speed up the healing process.

    As soon as you see sores, or even redness put a hot black teabag on it and the tannin or whatever it is in the teabag will help form an immediate scab. Then dry it out with a hairdryer, then put the teabag on again, then the hairdryer and keep going like that. You'll be amazed at how quickly it dries out and heals. When the scab is about to fall off or looking like it needs a little help put the aloe vera gel on it, then use the hairdryer again and do this until it's completely healed over. If you do this you should be able to heal it completely in less than four days. Or so I've found
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