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How to heal the scab?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Babybird828, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Babybird828

    Babybird828 Newbie

    What is the fastest way to heal the cold sore scab??? I have the biggest scab ive ever seen and im so confused on how to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Do i want to to be moist or dry? PLEASE HELP
  2. Molly82

    Molly82 Newbie

    I bought Vitamin E oil because I read somewhere it helps with healing. I had a bunch of huge scabs. I kept applying it all day and it moistened the scabs and they started to rub off each time I reapplied. It is also supposed to heal skin quicker and help with the redness. I def will use it again because it worked.
  3. Amalia

    Amalia Active Member

    I have played around with different things over they years and haven't found one way to be better than the other. A friend, years ago, suggested putting gin on the cold sore to dry it out. I dipped a clean Q-tip into the gin and applied it to the cold sore. It stings a bit bit it does dry it out. And this is probably obvious, but I don't re-dip the used Q-Tip into the gin... Heck, maybe a swat of gin will help you to forget about the cold sore : )
  4. Babybird828

    Babybird828 Newbie

    Thank you so much for the advice. I was using neosporin for awhile and it seemed to be helping a lot. I just switched to the vitamin E, hopefully it works, i have school tomorrow and it looks like a chunk of my lip is missing. :(
  5. AquariusAngel

    AquariusAngel Active Member

    Hey babybird,

    I agree with Amalia here. I am of the belief that drying it out is the faster way for it to heal. Initially, if you have a blister, let it go through its natural process. You can not speed that part of a cold sore up unfortunately. Apply some zovirax or abreva for example and wash your hands before, and afterwards. Also take special care at this time in case the blister has become infected because you will quickly infect other skin if you touch the sore and then touch some other part of your skin.

    Once the infection has subsided and you no longer have any oozing, drying it out is what you need to do. Vodka is another good drying method as is methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol. Some people even put hydrogen peroxide on their scabs but I think that would do more harm than good to your skin!
  6. Babybird828

    Babybird828 Newbie

    okay, well now there not scabs anymore... they look more like semi-deep cuts. There is no yellow puss or crust anywhere, its completely red. But its not a discoloration of red on my natural lip color, it looks more like an open wound. and its in the shape of a spoon lol. Which is annoying but weird. Im using a lot of vitamin E and neosporin and it seems to be healing, but im scared it will leave a scar. any tips on how to get rid of scars?
  7. Molly82

    Molly82 Newbie

    I am glad you gave the Vitamin E a try- Did you find it as successful as I did?
    As for the scar, I went to the dr since the redness was so noticable even weeks after. She said it just takes time to fade. Vitamin E is supposed to help with scars too, but I find that it takes a while for your skin to heal the redness and nothing has seemed to work to speed this up. If you find a solution let me know!
  8. Babybird828

    Babybird828 Newbie

    the vitamin E worked really well! But i can already see a white line forming down the right side of my lip :( damn. yeah im sure with A LOT of time the vitamin E will work but of course im always looking for the quickest solution :p
    I used this chapstick during the day (when im out in public) which has aloe vera in it, it seems to be working so fade some of the redness. DAMN THESE COLD SORES. :madd: I told my mom i only want friends/boyfriends who have gone through the pain of having them like i have. It totally ruined my first two weeks of college. I can wait till they find a cure! Ill be the first in line :D
  9. jgrant1234

    jgrant1234 Newbie

    stop the cold sore before it happens.

    I joined this site because I was reading your guys comments aboout your cold sore outbreaks. I am now 28 and have had cold sore outbreaks ever since I can remember. My mom tells me that I got them when I was a young child through my babysitter LoL not sure how that happened.

    It seemed like for me that every time I had something important , school dance, date with a girl, guys night out, I would get a cold sore. There was nothing I could do to prevent them from happening, until 4 years ago when I met a doctor from Kingston Ontario who had the same problem.

    I cant believe that nobody on here is talking about Valtrex. Honestly it is the only product out there that works and believe me i´ve tried them all.

    What you have to do is never leave home without your Valtrex pills and always be fully stocked up. As soon as you you fell the itch or irritation on your lip, pop 2000mg of valtrex and 12 hours later pop another 2000mg and I shit you not the cold sore will not appear. If it does it wont even be noticeable.

    I swear by Valtrex as it is the only product that can fight back against the cold sore virus.

    Also do not drink a lot of coffee, pop, peanut butter, excerise more, eat healthy and drink a lot of natural juices and you will see you wont even have to use the Valtrex as offen.

    You get outbreaks when you are stressed and your body is more easily stressed when you lack sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.

    Hope this makes the world of difference for everyone. Remember if you dont take the first 2000mg as soon as you feel the slightest irrritation or itch, the Valtrex will not have time to fight the cold sore virus before it comes to LIFE!!!!
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