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Facial Herpes Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by HavingFaith, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. HavingFaith

    HavingFaith Member

    Id like to keep a thread going with the effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on myself with regards hsv-1. Ive just started treatment for my bladder and my hip and a spin off is the possible suppression of herpes. HBOT is basically sitting in a chamber that is then compressed and you breathe through a mask and take in oxygen. The oxygen heals tissues and bone that can be healed but not necrotic tissue. It has the potential to suppress hsv-1 indefinitely. (Caution - this is purely info that relates to the outcome of HBOT purely in my particular circumstances. Im not recommending this as a treatment to anyone and it is purely to take stock of facts for myself that i will share to build up a picture to see if this does give long term suppression for myself, again, Im not recommending this as a treatment to anyone).
    Before treatment started i had just got rid of a bad OB. probably one of my worst in years. So when i started HBOT i was coldsore free. After week 1 at 16feet pressure the lip had completely healed. it would have anyway but there was no sign that the OB had taken place. Week 2 at 24feet. The pressure felt here was pretty intense and a little unsettling. Claustrophobia and nausea can set in at that pressure. No sign of coldsores and tooth done on root canal surgery has no pain anymore after several courses of antibiotics. Another beneficial spin off. The antibiotics needed to prescribed again after each course finished as the infection on my jaw was so bad. HBOT has solved that one for me.
    Im about to start week 3 and will probably stay at 24feet. People can be ill at 33 ft. I will definitely stay at 24feet pressure. After the 3rd week i go to one - two days a week. Id like to write up weekly/fortnightly if helpful to anyone if there is any sign of hsv-1 on the horizon or if the HBOT is suppressing the virus indefinitely. Theres no better way of finding out how effective this is than having someone go through it posting their results. Im hoping for long term suppression as a spin off to my other treatments. Time will tell. I hope somewhere along the way this updated post might prove useful to someone.
    Best regards,
  2. HavingFaith

    HavingFaith Member

    Update - week 3

    Well , week 3 and i have 4 hot spots on my lip. I dont have my prescription for Acyclovir any more so im getting by on 6 x 1000mg lysine tablets per day , cats claw and Astragulus. Its holding off the bubbling which turns into the nasty prolonged ones but only just. Im at 24ft pressure for 1 hour this week. Its either making the virus try to hold on to hotspots or its in a way suppressing the virus by making it fight to hold control. The supplements are holding it off but i might go up to 33 ft to see what happens. My hip has responded well to the treatment but not so the bladder. The bladder has a big problem that the oxygen therapy cant fix. So far interesting, Im pretty sure the virus is struggling but the real interesting data will be seeing what happens when i go down to one day a week. Right now i think the virus is fighting to hold on, Im not sure how this will span out but time will tell. Next update soon.
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