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I have a big huge bump down there, help!

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by confused91, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. confused91

    confused91 Newbie

    I'm not very sexually active I have only had 4 partners and they wore condoms except for one of them, but this is like my best friend who I trust (or at least I thought I did.) He hasn't had unprotected sex with anyone but me either. It has been 6 years since I had sex before he came along and I just noticed today that I have this big huge bump down there that I am hoping it's a pimple, but my question is could it be herpes? I'm not having any other symptoms and I only have one bump not a bunch like I have seen on pictures. I plan on going to the doctors, but i'm shy so I thought i'd come here and ask. Is it possible that It could be something else?? what do they look like how can I tell for sure if it is or not?
  2. penny507

    penny507 Newbie

    could be

    Only a doctor and a scraping from the bump to look at under a microscope will tell you for sure. My last relationship I was with a guy who told me he ALWAYS used condoms . We used condoms for a while then quit after we were together for a few mo....now, 4 years later I have had my first OB. I only had 2 little "scratches" and an itch and burning...nothing that looked like the text book pictures. I went to the doc who too thought it was probably just a scratch from itching but he took a sample of it (scraping) and imagine my surprise when that culture sample came back positive for type 2 !!??? For your sake and piece of mind...get it checked . If you never know and it is you can spread it.
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