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Melaleuca Oil, Manuka Honey or Propolis

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by SillySlappa, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. SillySlappa

    SillySlappa Member

    What ointment would you say works better in healing herpes faster and lesseing the outbreaks?

    100% tea tree oil (melaleuca oil)
    Manuka Honey
  2. officefan

    officefan Active Member

    Ive tried tea tree oil. I havent been outbreak free since I was diagnosed in Jan. SO far going on 9-10 weeks. I pretty much soaked the area with tea tree oil and the next day the outbreak that was confined to one side had spread to the other as well. FML. I just shelled out the big bucks for dynamiclear. Lets see if that helps.
  3. SillySlappa

    SillySlappa Member

    ive tried dynamiclear. didnt seem to help me at all. but good luck to ya
  4. loverly19

    loverly19 Member

    I love dynamiclear! it clears up my OBs overnight.

    you have to catch it in the early phases and put it on there.
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