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One of the PROVEN CURES!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by tistiks, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. tistiks

    tistiks Newbie

    The proven cure!

    I was diagnosed with Herpes when I was 17. I got it from a cold sore on someone's mouth through oral sex. I did hydrogen peroxide treatments when I was 21. I have not had 1 outbreak since I was 19. I will be turning 30 in November. I have also not given anyone this so called uncurable disease either. The treatments included using DMSO which carries the hydrogen peroxide under the skin. (Herpes lives in the nerves) I did this for about 3 months everyday while I was in the shower. You have to mix everything appropriately and spray the HP onto your skin (hips and lower back for genital and back of neck for colds sores on the mouth), rub it in and than spray the DMSO and rub it in. You will feel a tingling sensation where the DMSO carries the HP under the skin...this will happen everytime you do it. You will notice that the tingling diminishes as the disease disappears. YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU USE WHEN YOU ARE PUTTING DMSO ON YOUR SKIN BECAUSE IT WILL CARRY ANYTHING UNDER THE SKIN THAT IT COMES IN CONTACT WITH!!! I used rubber gloves that did not have powder on them. It seemed to work just fine. After the application is done, you rinse off with water very well, hopefully filtered water. I have never taken any medication, had an outbreak or passed this on to anyone! I also believe in Ozone therapy which is not legal in the US per the FDA's law stating that only a patented drug or surgery can cure a disease. Here is a link that you might find useful http://www.silvermedicine.org/ed-mccabe-ozone.html

    It has a timeline starting in 1885 and references AIDS, cancer, and like diseases using ozone therapy in other countries originating in Germany.

    Here is some research I have done.....ozone therapy is very inexpensive, cannot be patented (same with hydrogen peroxide), pharmaceutical companies do their own research and testing for the FDA with drugs, it is not beneficial for the pharma companies to have ozone therapy funded because they can't make any profit from it. It would put thousands of companies and doctors out of business or work. It would eliminate chemo, drug use, and most surgery. Most of all....the thousands of people dying everyday from drugs and chemo would not die!!!! We all know that politicians help fund these companies...do you know why????? The politicians help run the country and therefore make it very hard to stop the evil process in place. One person does not stand to make a difference but if we all stand up and stop being ignorant we might stand a chance at changing our lives, the lives of our families, and our futures. We live in a country full of selfish, greedy, gluttonous people and it makes me sick to think what they have in store our future kids.

    Check out the link I posted above...it explains a lot about our country and the people running it, along with proof of ozone therapy. It is very detailed and you can go to other links to check out the statements and comments filed.

    Good luck to all of you suffering from this curable virus!
  2. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    Could please answer one question?
    Did you get your blood tested after the treatment?
  3. wiltshire

    wiltshire Active Member

    IMHO...This sounds suspiciously like snake-oil quackery.
  4. wiltshire

    wiltshire Active Member

    IMHO...This sounds suspiciously like snake-oil quackery.
  5. tistiks

    tistiks Newbie

    Ignorance is bliss!

    yes, it came back negative!!!! I have had my blood tested 3 times in the last 10 years for this...always negative. You don't have to follow what I did but the ozone therapy or injections they do in Europe are sufficient as well. There is no snake oil quackery involved! Don't let the FDA and the government fool you. you know what they say ignorance is bliss!
  6. tistiks

    tistiks Newbie

    tested negative

    The most recent was a year ago....hard to believe, huh...do some research and find some doctors in Europe. You know a lot of doctors work out of Mexico but reside in CA because it's illegal to perform ozone in the US.
  7. dumplinsmom

    dumplinsmom Active Member

    What is DSMO?
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  8. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    There has been a lot on discussion on the forum in the past about the use of DMSO and ozone therapy. Suppressive? Probably. A cure? Don't think so.

    My guess is, you've never had an outbreak because you're asymptomatic. Many men are, and especially since you most likely have type 1, since you got it from someone with a cold sore. Type 1 doesn't thrive in the genital region anyway. It's not uncommon at all for men, or women, to only experience symptoms once, at the initial time of infection, so the fact that you haven't had repeated outbreaks is unremarkable. If you got a test again and it came back negative, then I might concede your point, that is, if I could also see your initial positive result as well.
    The use of DMSO has the potential to be quite dangerous. Anyone considering trying it should be aware of that. While I'm not discrediting the potential for non-standard therapies to be beneficial, to assume that you are cured, based on the fact that you haven't gotten outbreaks, seems a little premature and irresponsible. Without that negative test result in your hand, you've still got it as far as I'm concerned.
  9. wiltshire

    wiltshire Active Member

    Well, I'm in the UK so the FDA over the pond. We have a dual system, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, so it's a bit different. For example, rumour has it that paracetamol (tylenol) is really strictly regulated in the US, whereas here for US$4 I can buy 50 off the shelf in a supermarket.

    Now, I have given it the benefit of the doubt and researched your claims. I have not found any other reference to Ozone Therapy being a cure for herpes. In fact, as far as I can tell there is no support for the claim of a cure for herpes.

    It does, however, claim (and I would be prepared to accept this) that Ozone (O3) is good for healing and reducing the symptoms associated with the disease, but is not a cure.

    Remember that the viral replication code has been installed into your OWN DNA. It inserts itself into the DNA in the cell nucleus, a hardwired program to make new viruses.

    For the Ozone to reach the viral DNA code in the nerve, to a concentration required to break the DNA links (ozone is a seriously powerful oxidising agent) then the DNA in the entire cell would be destroyed, and almost certainly the structure and DNA of other healthy cells....in fact probably a lot of other healthy cells....in fact probably most of them...you might get the viral dna but you wouldn't necessarily be alive to appreciate it. After all, ozone seriously corrodes metal.

    I'll accept O3 Therapy as an effective treatment and there may be other applications such as antiviral lubricants, but I don't believe it to be a cure.
  10. wiltshire

    wiltshire Active Member


    Just found this : - http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=978406

    It's too big to paste so a few cuoice quotes are:

  11. eve88

    eve88 Member

    so you got a blood test and it was negitave, before hand having a blood test and it being positive?
  12. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator

    A blood test cannot come back as negative after a positive reading because of how these tests work. Even if a person was theoretically "cured" the immune system would still have antibodies to the virus, as this is the body's method of fighting off future pathogens and illnesses. For example, these antibodies will help your body recognize the herpes virus in the future.

    tistiks, as mentioned, one thing that is alarming about your story is the fact that you claim to have had a negative blood test after a positive diagnosis.

    When you were originally diagnosed was it via a blood test or some other testing method? After a person contracts HSV the body will produce antibodies. Herpes iGg antibodies are what the blood tests look for when testing for herpes and these antibodies will remain in the body for life as they are part of your immune system's memory.

    Even if you had been cured the test would still indicate a herpes antibody response. This is a fact of science and contradicts what you have posted on the forum. This contributed to your post being marked as spam advertising.
  13. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    I knew, it stunk, you have antibodies for life, like after a vaccination.
    You have syphilis antibodies for life, even though it was cured, I remember this from high school!!!
    Lucky man, 10 years of sex and no herpes. :confused:
    NO HSV1, NO HSV2.:mrgreen:
    I found out on internet that there was one woman, who died just because of this fantastic therapy.:(
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2008
  14. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    DMSO Warning

    For the record, many of our members have experienced adverse effects from DMSO, such as chemical burns and foul body odor. We do not recommend this treatment because the safety of this remedy is not established and there is a great deal of information to suggest that it may be harmful.

    You will find a list of links to more information about DMSO here: Herpes Treatments
  15. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    The posts in this thread now are not in the same order they were in the beginning. That's weird.
  16. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    The member who started this thread posted the same post twice, in two different places. Therefore, the two conversations (and their responses) had to be merged.
  17. src

    src Newbie

    I know for a fact hydrogen peroxide works though may not work for everyone. My personal story is my fiancé and myself have genital herpes. We both started using hp orally. He recently went back to the dr to be tested and he is negative. I have not went back to dr because I'm going to go through the protocol again because I was not as disciplined as he was and then I will take the test. So please don't discount things just because of what the FDA may say.
  18. src

    src Newbie

    I'm going to have to ask my fiancé exactly what the dr stated because he stated they told him he was negative
  19. src

    src Newbie

    I'm going to have to ask my fiancé exactly what the dr stated because when he went back to dr he stated they told him he was negative.
  20. Gothic Beauty

    Gothic Beauty Active Member

    Antibodies does not mean you are infected. It merely means that you have been exposed. You get antibodies when you get your Hep A. & Hep. B shots too. Does that mean you are positive for Hep. A or Hep. B? No. A PCR test will tell you if you are positive for herpes type 1 or 2. When you test positive for antigens, then you have herpes.
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