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Outbreak While Taking Valtrex Daily

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by lady lightness, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Never thought i'd be posting this, but much to my dismay, I am having an outbreak. While taking 1000mg of Valtrex daily. Which i've been taking for hsv-2 for months (since April or May). And last night some little unwanted friends have appeared between my legs. I have an ideal that it was started from my jeans rubbing against my skin (i'm not one for wearing underwear, ever)- i'm not under any undue stress, my diet hasn't changed except quitting coffee, and I'M TAKING VALTREX EVERY FUCKING DAY! This is absurd. I don't know what to do.

    Has this or something similar happened to anyone else?
  2. oh yes, I'm familiar

    Hey there, hate to tell you, having outbreaks on valtrex too. 1000 a day. it really sucks. did you see a doctor? I am so angry and so scared.
  3. fonzy96

    fonzy96 Newbie

    Valtrex Daily

    Been there... Used Valtrex 1000mg daily and still got outbreaks. My doctor has now changed me to Famvir... I still get outbreaks...

    Thinking of trying something new... perhaps seeing a Naturpathe for some natural remedies...

    Hope it gets better for you..

  4. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    Natural Alternatives

    There are lots of options... for a list of a few different approaches that have worked for our members try this article:

    :arrow: Herpes Outbreaks

    It has links to informaiton about supplements, etc.

    Hope this helps,

  5. I guess all in all- i'd rather take valtrex and have 1 OB every 5 or 6 months, then not and have 1-3 OB every month...
  6. herpesharmony

    herpesharmony Member

    Valtrex is not a cure and you can still have outbreaks while taking it. How long have you had herpes? Outbreaks usually become less frequent the longer you have it.
  7. Darkness247

    Darkness247 Newbie

    Fuck Valtrex!

    Sweetie, put the Valtrex down. Taking that stuff daily only makes the virus stronger to combat the medicine. I only take it when I feel the tingling sensation, but that is few and far between now (had it for 7 months).
    Try this- Take Vitamin c,a,e, zinc, and lysine. Also get a shot glass and once a day mix some cayenne pepper, chili powder, lemon juice, and a little water together and down it. You avoid all those side effects of Valtrex, and it's more natural, and cheaper too.
    While taking Valtrex daily for the first two months of my contracting, I was also getting Obs like two a month. Since starting my regimen I just described and also avoiding popcorn :( no obs since August (knock on wood). Good luck...
  8. herpesharmony

    herpesharmony Member

    Good point,I thought Valtrex worked best while having an outbreak.
  9. sweetness

    sweetness Newbie

    hey darkness how does chilli powder, caynne powder and lemon juice help stop OB's?
  10. Darkness247

    Darkness247 Newbie

    A lady I met here, Christy C, posted an article about how the body needs to have a balance of alkalinity over acidity. Many of the things we eat are acidic which can trigger an ob. The things in my little concotion are very alkaline and it seems to put things in balance and has been working. Its easy, i mix it together once a day w/ a little water and throw it back. Give it a try....
  11. I've had herpes for about a year and a half- the OBs have become less frequent, although they were frequent and severe for the first half year.
  12. I know i know! I'm trying valtrex for a year to see how that effects my OBs/reduce possible transmission to my sweetie- but I hate taking it- I don't use western medicine except this- and I can feel its effects on me- sometimes I get dizzy/feel like i'm drunk, and more often I feel like there's a fog settling on my brain. I'm giving it another 3-4 months, and then goodbye. i take lysine, i've cut back on coffee and sugar. ive taken the cayenne/lemon with maple syrup for the master cleanse, but never thought of it for hsv. right now im making other changes in my diet- so one thing at a time. thanks for the support and advice!
  13. Yes- that's interested that you posted this, because I am currently reading "the ph miracle" and learning all about this importance of alkalinity. i've been starting to eat at least one raw meal a day, and lots of greens. Ihave a feeling that no sugar, caffeine, and bread/pasta in my diet is going to help me be more balanced- in general and with my OBs
  14. Idgaf

    Idgaf Newbie

    I woke up this morning with a tiny little chafe under my foreskin. I have had g-hsv1 for 5 years now and this would only be my second outbreak. It doesn't hurt and seems just like a chafe, with a very small impression like someone dug into it with their nails a bit too hard (which isn't the case as my gf is out of town) I've read that any kind of sore in that area should be considered an out break and it can in fact actually be this mild.
    I take valtrex every day (on and off for 4 years), and for the last year have been taking 500mg of olive leaf twice a day. The reason I took valtrex so often was because I was in a relationship, and my doctor told me that if used daily, it could suppress the virus to make it less likely to transmit. My girlfriend ended up getting it, and we almost always used condoms anyway, which is what made me add the olive leaf as I've heard amazing things. Also, I didn't know about the effects of arginine and lysine on the virus, and did not eat properly, and did not have a very healthy lifestyle.
    I am now in a new, recent relationship. We have been less safe, mosltly due to thinking my double supression would work better, I have been very careful to avoid foods with arginine, and that she is also taking olive leaf as I read that is the best way to avoid her catching it. She is totally ok with it despite me telling her that it is still possible she can get it (she is young and I don't think fully understands)
    I am very nervous now for her sake, and that I am somehow getting an outbreak after all this supressive treatment. We had sex just a few days ago and she had ran out of Olive leaf so was off it. We used a condom but there was oral and some quick unprotected intercourse. I have literally spent thousands over the years on this stuff and am going to be very, very, very angry if it turns out it doesn't even work. I am worried that I will never be able to have a normal sex life, and that I can't honestly ever tell someone that I am able to suppress my hsv1 effectively.

    Why bother to take ANY medications if they're no better in the end than just using a condom? There was a period where I didn't take anything, for like 8 months, and never had an outbreak. Now I do everything I can and I get one? ....anyone in a similar situation?
  15. notagain909

    notagain909 Active Member

    Lemon juice is very acidic, not alkaline. Am I wrong?
  16. Kitty123

    Kitty123 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    Your girlfriend ended up contracting GENITAL HSV1 from you? Or did she get it ORALLY? Because genital to genital HSV1 is extremely rare.
  17. Idgaf

    Idgaf Newbie

    Kitty - That's right. I have g-hsv1, and that's what she got. I was on daily valtrex the entire time, and about 99.5% of the time we used condoms with the exception of oral sex. Now, she did not have her outbreak until after we broke up, and she told me she had been with someone else in that time (just over a month). It is entirely possible she got it from him, but he obviously never mentioned he had anything, and the odds of her getting it from a one night stand (protected) compared to being with me for a year and 4 months seems pretty unlikely.
    The whole thing made me really paranoid, and now that I'm having my second occurrence, I'm really worried for my new girl friend. I won't be comfortable ever being in an honest relationship if I just give it to everyone no matter what I try.
    My first relationship after I contracted hsv was very sexual, we always used a condom except once, and oral was very frequent. That lasted for about 6 or 7 months, and she never got it. As far as I know, the other 4 women I've had multiple sexual occurrences with have also not contracted it. So I'm just super confused.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2012
  18. ICherri

    ICherri Active Member

    Does ur current girlfriend have cold sores? If so ur protected.
  19. Idgaf

    Idgaf Newbie

    No, she does not have any form of hsv.
  20. sally51

    sally51 Member

    I don't think it's as rare as they say it is. My boyfriend got genital HSV 1 from me (I have it genitally too.) I also have constant symptoms, even though they "say" genital HSV 1 doesn't cause that many symptoms. I don't think anything is set in stone when it comes to HSV, so it's always better to err on the safe side.
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