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Outbreaks and Quinoa?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by JPRHenry, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. JPRHenry

    JPRHenry Active Member

    Outbreaks and Quinoa?
    I am in the midst of a horrible ob. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and cannot remember having one, not necessarily severe, but appearing and popping up in so many different areas. Rationally, I know that in an acute timeframe, my diet contained many things it should not have (chocolate, processed cereals laden in oats/wheat, a nightly ritual of peanut butter pretzels and to wash it all down--beer) Now,. I have to ask,----does this sound like a rational observation? To top it off, I have incredible angst, anger and frustration.

    Part 2. I saw this article on yahoo this morning. Does it sound that if you could find this seed, that it could merit consideration?

    Thanks for listening to me whine.



  2. ProudMom

    ProudMom Member

    I made quinoa all the time, made it even before I was HSV+. Easy enough to find in my part of the world, and if you can make rice you can make quinoa.

    Stress can definitely affect outbreaks, as can diet. I really don't watch what I eat until I feel like I might be having symptoms. I'd try to reduce your stress (do you exercise?) and take it from there.
  3. JPRHenry

    JPRHenry Active Member

    Hi Mom, Thanks for your response!

    Just curious, where do you live? I haven't looked for it here (Midwest/USA) Yes,.. I can make rice! Do you think there is a benefit derived from Quinoa?

    In a two week period, I probably ate everything on the "Do Not Eat" list. Typically, yes I do exercise,.. Up until the cold weather hit, I'd been riding my bike to work. I am a member at the Y, but of course would not think of going until everything is healed.

    Sooooooooooooooooo tired of this.
  4. ProudMom

    ProudMom Member

    I have exercised during outbreaks. It definitely helps me. I live on the east coast so it might be harder to find in the midwest. Quinoa has health benefits outside of herpes so if you can find it, it is definitely worth adding to your diet.

    And I am tired of it too, believe me. There are enough complications in life and this is just another one (sigh).
  5. JPRHenry

    JPRHenry Active Member

    I have exercised as well, but my "reward" is always a 10 minute trip to the steamroom. Can't do that with "boo boos" on my backside--Can't even shower. Maybe it's time to bring my treadmill to the office and put it in one of the sparerooms?

    Yes,.. life does offer up enough twists and turns as it is. It appears there is an astounding amount of work being done on this menace. Hopefully,.. one day, and soon, we will wake up to some wonderful news!

  6. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    There should be some online stores shipping "whole food" ingredients by post in this day and age. It doesn't matter where you live.

    enjoy your delightful cooking experiments :)
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