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sharing cigarettes, drinks, pipes

Discussion in 'Spreading and Preventing Herpes' started by knowcourage, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. knowcourage

    knowcourage Newbie

    i hope this is not seen as inappropriateby anyone, but i think many people who are sexually active also experiment with other things, and to me this question is very real, and i imagine it is to others as well. my question is this: if i get cold sores, there is always a small chance that i am shedding from my mouth right? so does that mean that i should never let someone else touch their lips to something i just touched mine to? does wiping it off, or holding a lighter to it make it safe? what if i am very careful never to get it wet with my own saliva? what if i dipped it into a shot of 80 proof liquor?i am speaking specifically of a pipe that people share, with a not-so-specific substance in the pipe, but also cigarettes and drinks. however i think the paper on a cigarette would probably hold saliva longer than something made of metal or glass becasuse paper is porous and would soak up liquid. i have heard that the virus cannot survive long on its own. ok, how long and in what conditions? i dont want to pass a pipe with someone, and then they go home and go down on their girlfriend and give them herpes.
  2. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    It's probably time to do some herpes research. Be sure and check out the transmission section on the free herpes handbook over on Terri's site -- www.westoverheights.com

    Feel free to check out the information I've put together over on my site as well -- www.SpecialUser1234.com

    It's clear you are confused as to how herpes transmission actually works so it's probably time to sit down and do some reading.

    Angela :D
  3. knowcourage

    knowcourage Newbie

    i appreciate your help, and i learned a few things from reading the handbook. however, this did not answer my question. the closest answer was this: (from the "transmission" section of the herpes handbook)

    We do recommend, however, that during an outbreak, one should not share their towel with another person. Towels stay wet and warm for awhile, and the virus may conceivably live for a short time in that environment. Warm water and soap will easily kill the vulnerable virus on surfaces and clothing. Some studies have shown that the virus can live for a short time outside of the body, but there are no documented cases of someone contracting herpes in this way.

    ok i have heard this before, that the virus can live for short times outside the body. how short? isn't the paper on a cigarette capable of being warm and wet with saliva containing a hsv virus? here is a picture of machined metal (which appears smooth to all our senses): http://www.opti2-4.com/14.jpg take a look at that and you will see how rough it is. couldn't saliva be passed around in a metal pipe that appeared to be dry but was wet down in the nooks and crannies?
  4. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    I don't believe people are going to contract oral herpes taking a drag from somebody's ciggarette.

    Angela :D
  5. knowcourage

    knowcourage Newbie

    Isn't it true that a person with oral herpes can shed the virus at any time, regardless of their frequency of outbreaks, and regardless of where the virus is at in its cycle? If so, then there is no way to predict when a virus could be present on the affected tissues of the lips and face, right? Is one single virus enough to cause infection?
  6. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    Transmission of Herpes Simplex Virus requires skin to skin contact and usuallly through kissing or some sort of sex. Conditions have to be right from both participants. People are not likely going to contract herpes via objects unless they are being used for sexual purposes. Please read the "transmission" section of the free herpes handbook over on www.westoverheights.com

    Have a nice weekend,

    Angela :D
  7. knowcourage

    knowcourage Newbie

    hi angela,

    as i said in one of my earlier posts, i already read the handbook. but since you suggested it, i re-read the transmission section. here is what i found:

    "Saliva should not be used to wet contact lenses."

    "Towels stay wet and warm for awhile, and the virus may conceivably live for a short time in that environment."

    "Some studies have shown that the virus can live for a short time outside of the body, but there are no documented cases of someone contracting herpes in this way."

    this contradicts what you said. contact lenses and towels are not skin-to- skin contact. it seems to me that no one really knows what the chances are of the virus living outside the body in various conditions. would you say that is accurate? i am just saying that because of the indefinite language in your responses and the handbook. basically, right now i refuse to let other people take a drag from a cigarette, sip of a beer, or anything i already touched with my lips. do you have the information that you can tell me that this is unecessary and its safe to share things and i can stop worrying about it? if you dont have an answer maybe you know some articles or research or other materials i can read? i just want to know one way or another. thanks again.
  8. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    Well ~ why would anybody use their saliva to wet their contact lense? Saliva from your mouth during an active herpes outbreak could indeed carry the herpes virus since it's a warm and moist environment. That would be a GREAT way to contact occular herpes.

    The virus can live for a short time on any object if you want to really go there.. but why would anybody share a towel?

    Lysol will kill the herpes virus (read the label) but the virus won't survive for very long on any objects.

    There are no documented cases of people contracting herpes this way. Did you actually understand that? If not ~ which parts do you find contradictory?

    Hereps Simplex Virus is transmitted through skin to skin contact via kissing or some form of sex which is why it's a sexually transmitted disease.

    What have I said (please quote me) that is contradicting to you?

  9. knowcourage

    knowcourage Newbie

    look, i know it might seem like im paranoid, or just trying to be a pain in the ass, but trust me im not. im not trying to convince anyone of anything thats for sure. i just want the information to make informed choices about minmizing my risk of giving this virus to anyone until they perfect the herpes vaccine and we can all uncross our fingers.
    you said:
    ok, this seems to be the accepted wisdom, with no documented cases of a foriegn object acting as a "vessel" for the virus. and that is really what i am curious about. the contradiction i saw is between this knowledge and the warnings in the handbook. i mean, why would they warn someone to not do these things if they weren't risky (i have no idea why someone would share towels or wet their lenses with their saliva) i guess maybe the writers of the handbook think it could be risky, and that is enough to justify warning people? i dont know.

    but if there are any studies being done on it, any professional opinions, i woud love to know. i am writing to terri now. thanks again for responding to my questions.
  10. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    I'm glad you decided to contact Terri Warren.

    Have a nice weekend,

    Angela :D
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