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Genital Herpes this itch is unbearable!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by maykay, May 14, 2013.

  1. maykay

    maykay Newbie

    It is the kind of itch that makes you crunch up everything and cripple over because you know if you scratch it it will burn, worsen, bleed and we don't want that. I am on valtrex but it does nothing for the uncomfortable symptoms. What can i do? it is 12 am, and i can't sleep because it itches so bad.
  2. Ermgarden

    Ermgarden Newbie

    2 cups Epsom salt and 1/2 cup sea salt, hot bath and use your hand to creat waves over the area, might sting and first but it's a good sting sit in for as long as you can minimum 20 min. then use paper towel to gently pat dry and continue to air dry for as long as you can, do this AM and PM or minimum once daily. This got me over the worst of it and made everything heal faster!!
  3. Ermgarden

    Ermgarden Newbie

    Ps bath sea salt is really good for skin that's why I add it in :) feel better and stay strong
  4. notmyself74

    notmyself74 No longer a member

    You might also want to consider taking a benedryl. I get the horrible itch too.
  5. maykay

    maykay Newbie

    thank you guys, this helped. its been a few hours since the bath though and my sores are a lot different.. hard is the only way to describe them. still painful. is that good or bad?
  6. lovingbear123

    lovingbear123 Member

    I heard Manaka honey or whatever its called helps, or tea tree oil?? aloe vera gel?
    i used aloe vera when i was having my worst OB last week, i'm almost 100 percent better now with the acyclovir treatment. hope you feel better!!

    ALSO hot hot hot baths, or steams? the hottest you can stand the water
  7. Ermgarden

    Ermgarden Newbie

    Maykay, sounds like try are healing if they are getting harder! Keep the baths going daily and make sure the area gets a lot of air drying!! I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain, but hopefully it will subside soon.

    I read a post on here of a woman in her 60's who has hot Epsom salt baths almost daily and she swears that's what has kept her OB free. Thankfully I have always loved salt baths so it is just an enjoyable routine now!

    Feel better xox
  8. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I use 20-30 drops tea tree oil in a cup of coconut oil. Should feel a bit like bengay when you put it on. How many tea tree drops depends on the intensity of the icyhot feeling. It usually works on killing the itchies for me around 6-8 hours. IF you don't have high blood pressure or some kind of medical condition.. then try about 1/4 tspn of baking soda (not powder) in a little bit of water to easier swallow it, then down it quickly.. it is disgusting, and then drink about 6-8 ounces of water immediately after. This could increase your blood pressure so be forewarned. I noticed it really helped, unfortunately I am prone to high blood pressure and it jumped up. I sometimes take it once or twice weekly and it just helps to alkalize your body.

    Read up on alkaline diet. Basically you eat more veggies, less meat and dairy, etc. Personally, I like my meat and potatoes... hence I take a baby dose maybe once a week to help. I have to say I have less itchies.

    I don't know if it will help, each person is different but these things worked for me. BTW, since I started using the baking soda, I basically don't have itching any more! I was constant itching for about 2 years. TWO YEARS. The only relief I got was using the coconut oil/tea tree oil mixture. Great for sex too if no condoms being used. I accidentally infected my boyfriend before I knew I had it. Sooo... we don't have to worry about infectiousness. That is at least one bonus. Life goes on.

  9. Ermgarden

    Ermgarden Newbie

    How are you feeling Maykay? I hope you have started to see some healing. I know I mentioned in my first post 1-2 times daily but one time should be enough.

    Are you taking any vitamins or supplements to help you immune system as well as skin support?
  10. devastatedbythis

    devastatedbythis Active Member

    MMS was the only thing that helped me at first and now DMSO, even the cream the DR gave me didnt help. I can still remember that itch, burn and stabbing pains. Thank you God that this is gone.
  11. female

    female Newbie

    When my itching gets really bad I put hand sanitizer directly on my sores. Warning: it hurts like f*ck. But after the burn the itch is gone and it seems to help dry out the sores and in my experience they go away faster too.
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  12. lovingbear123

    lovingbear123 Member

    I don't have any sores but I am all finished with my acyclovir medication :S do I need to refill it or wait....until maybe I have another OB? I feel like the itching isn't bad, it comes and goes and it really isn't a big deal....but I'm a little worried because I just am taking lysine right now but was wondering if i should continue anti virals, I need doctor's approval for refilling so maybe I should wait in case I have another OB.
    Wondering if this has to do with birth control also becauseeeeeeeeeeeeee i kinda noticed i have a bit of a yeast infection :S but its not that bad and i don't think it is really. this is just a common side effect from birth control and my diet has been good lately....(minus my nutella binge Lol) I eat a lot of greens and green smoothies/fruits...so idk WHATS causing this itching. but i did have sex a few days ago....with my bf. so im a little worried...
    should i be worried?? not another OB oh please god no! i don't think this is though :S but I need to stay away from chocolate or nuts...
    Last edited: May 22, 2013
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