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Valtrex and Acyclovir Not Working!!! Any feedback Please?!!!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by Love0424, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Love0424

    Love0424 Newbie

    I was diagnosed in September with HSV2 genital and have been taking Valtrex 500mg twice a day since then. Thats a total of about 3 months and I STILL am having my OB! Im not neccesarily having any bumps(if I do its on my buttcheeks and thighs) but I am still having the tingling and pain. Ive noticed one day it will be gone and then a day later the tingling comes back. I went to my doctor and he changed my RX to Acyclovir 800mg/3 times a day! That sounded like alot but was willing to try it. Ive been taking it for 5 days now and have noticed that my symptoms are actually getting worse! Im so confused and frustrated now. Im thinking about changing back to Valtrex and just upping my dose! Does anyone have a problem like this? My diet is good and I take Lysine,B-12,vit C and have doubled those doses since I saw my doctor last. I just dont understand how nothing is working! I would REALLY APPRECIATE any type of feedback! I am very concerned about this!! Thank You
  2. lingolimbo

    lingolimbo Member

    hey love,
    sorry you are having so much trouble with this. It sounds frustrating and very familiar. I was diagnosed in august and after the initial outbreak had unrelenting pain and discomfort for about three months, although there was never any other lesions, just redness very occasionally. I had acyclovir for 10 days at the first outbreak and then about two months in went on it again for supression but i felt it wasn't working at all. Eventually went onto 500mg valtrex daily and it has FINALLY gotten under control this last month. I feel pretty ok, still notice a tingle or bit of pain every day but only for half and hour or so and it's mostly in the nerves and not much on the skin itself anymore... it's so much better than the first three months where it was only half an hour a day i felt ok!

    From what my sexual health nurse says, and what i read on here, it sounds like it is very normal to experience what you are experiencing in the initial months and for up to a year. :-( You said it had actually gotten worse and so yeah, i would say go back on the valtrex. For me I can handle the symptoms as long as i feel like it is slowly getting better. Is there one other medication they use? I know some people have sucess with one and not the other, so it might be worth trying another.

    I am also on the lysine, vit c, vit b, zinc etc. But other things that seem popular are olive leaf extract and oil of oregeno. I was also thinking about seeing a naturopath or acupuncurist as I think some herbal concoction could help a lot, but as it had finally gotten to a point i can live with I'm just letting my body do it's thing and build those antibodies!

    Everyone seems to say the body will get on top of it - so the only other thing is time - but i know from experience that when you feel awful all the time you just want a quick fix! it will get better! :-)
  3. Love0424

    Love0424 Newbie

    Thank you for your feedback and advice! I noticed you take only 500mg once a day, but I was taking it 2x a day and still had that tingling feeling. Does this mean I possibly have a strong amount of the virus in my body? Also, since Im still having a little tingling, does that mean I am still contagious and should obstain from any sexual activity?
  4. lingolimbo

    lingolimbo Member

    hey, i'm no expert, but from my understanding there is no amount of the virus - it's just some people experience more symptoms of the process of your immune system reacting to the virus and producing antibodies. but from some things i've read, it does say, those without symptoms shed less, but they do still shed. my nurse explained how the virus moves out from the nerve cell and doesn't nessesarily get to the skin, but can be stopped by the immune system before that - but this still causes the tingling etc. I'm kind of glad i'm still getting a little tingling as i think it means my body is still producing antibodies and maybe i can come of meds eventually. I'm still not sure about the sexual activity. it's confusing because they say don't have sexual activity if experiencing prodrome (tingling etc.) but the facts of herpes is that you CAN be contagious at ANY time (with or without tingling) but that you definitely ARE NOT contagious ALL of the time. I'm interested to see what others think about this too. i was greatly reassured (but confused) because I had swabs done when I had a lot of pain, tingling, and a red rash and it came back negative (They also looked for thrush etc all negative, i really felt it was the H) - suggesting I wasn't contagious at that point. It's just so annoying that you don't know when you are contagious with this disease! It sounds like we have pretty similar symptoms and compared to how it was feeling all over the area and skin previously, i feel a lot less chance of spreading it now. If i had a partner I thought was in for the long haul - i'd probably go with sexual activity given it is only a tiny bit of tingling that isn't leading to any outbreaks) but on the other hand I'm happy enough i'm single and it's probably good to give myself another few months to heal. do you have a partner?
  5. princejohn

    princejohn Member

    Hi Love
    My H didn't really respond to antivirals either. My outbreaks were every month without fail. Not sure why (probably my diet). I was on them for a year sometimes taking 3 x 500mg per day. I then moved onto lysine (which was helpful) up until now, had to stop the lysine made me sick in the stomach. I am now back on valtrex, but am also trying other antiviral supplements such as zinc and olive leaf extract.

    I think the virus behaves differently in each of us. Some don't have many ob's others have them NON STOP. I would suggest avoiding acidic foods/drinks and moving toward an alkaline diet, getting lots of rest etc. I know we have all heard this but it really helps.

    If you have a partner you could try sex. However, this virus really takes its toll on us. For that reason I agree with lingolimbo its probably best to give yourself time to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  6. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Strange thing about the shedding.. there isn't a test or swab that lets you know when you AREN'T shedding. Only if you are infected.. not about shedding. Now if you had access to a high tech lab I am sure you could figure out how to test for shedding.. but for the general lay person there is no way for us to know WHEN we are shedding. Only that we do a percentage of the time. No rhyme or reason to it that is known anyway.

    Men have less of a chance of catching it from shedding than women. Just by the nature of sex. Men can go wash it off therefore limiting their exposure time, men don't have small micro vaginal tears EVERY time they have sex like a woman. Also, women have no real way to "wash off" since a woman's sex is internal.

    Point of this is unless you are some kind of science person with the right equipment - no way to know when you are shedding... only when you are having prodomes or actual breakouts due to the discomfort.. bleh.

    Additional note, the general consensus is if you feel tingling don't have sexual contact. It is assumed you are at a greater chance of shedding the virus (general thoughts on it from what I have been reading up on for last 1-1/2 years).
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2012
  7. hangoutkid

    hangoutkid Newbie

    Hey Love

    I'm in the same boat as you... I was diagnosed in june and have basically been having an outbreak for the past 2 months. It's really frustrating because I've been dating someone (not H positive) for about that long and it's frustrating to be constantly unable to have sex. I'm taking Acyclovir 500 mg 3 times a day (I only just learned your supposed to take an extra dose during an outbreak) as well as 3000-4000 mg of lysine, 2000 vitamin c, and echinaccea. I haven't been drinking or using any caffeine, and a few days ago I started using tea tree oil directly on the sores which seems like it's helping a bit. What's confusing me is that the sores will seem to be gone during the day and then at night they pop back up again. I thought I was finally ok to have sex again but now I'm not sure... Should I wait until it's been gone for sure for a day or so? Or if there's no sores am I probably ok? My gyno has absolutely no idea what she's talking about when it comes to this so I'd love some advice!
  8. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    Wish I could help but there are several members who the drugs don't work for.

    Some find trying a different make of one of the drugs is slightly better ie the full brand of Valtrex instead of the copy one.
  9. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Don't forget about famvir. i started using daily maintenance of 500 mg 2x daily. Finally not even taking my other supplements except for my sulfur 3000mg 2-3x daily. the difference has been amazing.
  10. Koiminxx

    Koiminxx Member

    Like everyone is saying it varies person to person. I swabbed positive in July. I wasnt put on valtrex 500mg until this past month. I usually get an outbreak after my period every month. And so far haven't had any tingles but the itching was and is more my problem. It sounds like youre doing everything right with lysine and vitamin c and thiamine.
  11. thatnewguy

    thatnewguy Newbie

    First, get control of your thoughts, life and emotions. Get rid of unneeded stress and, cut the bs from your life and try to take grasp of your situatuon as a postive thing and not a horrible thing. Gain some new perspective by reading this page: www.hsvblog.org/herpes-simplex-virus-hsv-101/

    Summary, you are not HsV2.. And free your emotional stress.

    Ok, now that you see the light...

    Use zinc treatments to stop that outbreak in its tracks. I used it on my blisters and within three days they dried up and started healing. I clean them with zinc solution that I make once a day now as they are healing.

    What I did was take two 50mg zinc glutamate vitamins and dilute them in about 100ml do super hot water. Then once the mixture is good I used a qtip to clean the sores and around the blisters and surrounding skin. Then I took the rest of of the solution and poured it on a sterile bandage (boxes of 100 from Walgreens for $5) and then dressed the OB and wrapped it with an ace bandage and let it just dry.

    Once it dries it leaves a nice white power over the OB and literally kills the virus as it rises to the skin. I did this about 4-5 times per day and literally in 3 days my break out with huge blisters shriveled up. I also popped the blisters, I know you're not supposed to but I didn't like knowing I had the virus living and it could burst infecting other areas of my body. OB was on my left thigh behind and just below my scrotum. Before I did the zinc treatments I washed the area with soap and water, dried and then rubbed with an alcohol swab, that's how I was able to pop the blisters. The rubbing alcohol leaves the skin nice and dry and then I did the zinc treatment.

    The idea beind the treatment is to do it at the OB site even when you do not have an OB so there is zinc present when the virus tries to reactivate, when it does it dies. And repeat, until the virus decides to deactivate and stop replication.

    The treatment is from George Eby's website: http://george-eby-research.com/html/herpes.html

    You can read his white paper published in 1985 on that page at the bottom.

    For me it worked great and there are dozens of others on this site that it is good for also.

    My OB culture came back positive for herpes zoster and not HSV but my shingles OB was horrible. The zinc treatment sucked it up and healed it so fast that I wished I had found it sooner. Now I have worked my vit C intake to about 4000mg per day and I take roughly 2000mg of lysine and 100mg of zinc.

    Best of luck!
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
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