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Genital HSV-2 Waiting for my test results....

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by hashtag realtalk, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Hi there. I guess the real reason why I am positing on this forum is for some support with what I'm going through.

    My story:

    In the beginning of June (this year) I met a guy that I started dating. After a couple of weeks we had sex. Before having sex, my partner and I had discussed whether or not we've been tested, etc. He said he had and told me the last two people he had sex with were too. Two days after we did I started to have yeast infection symptoms. I never had one before so I was concerned. These symptoms included: swollen and tender at the vagina opening and vulva, smelly cottage cheese discharge, and itchiness. I also got it right after my period. When I went to my gyno, she took samples and looked under the microscope. She told me it was a yeast infection. I was also tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea to be safe. They came back negative. I was on 1 dose of diflucin to get rid of the yeast infection, as well as OTC monistat cream. It went away in a couple of days.

    About 2-3 weeks later I developed different symptoms. This was this past Monday. I had sex with the guy I have been dating at least 4 more times. The last time was July 5th, which was about a week ago. The new symptoms were three really tiny blisters on the outside of my vagina, almost near my leg. The one hurt really bad. They weren't really red, just looked like the skin was peeled off. I talked to him about it and he said he got tested, didn't have it, and never had symptoms of it. The next day I came down with flu like symptoms: sore throat, headache, body ache, and just felt like I couldn't move for a day. The next day they went away (and the symptoms lessened with cold medicine). I immediately went to a free STD clinic to get tested (the same one he said he had went to). When I got there, I found out they only tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. I got the tests done (still waiting for results), but freaked out because I realized he was never tested for herpes or any of the other ~25 STDs. By this time I had developed two more sores on the same side of my vagina. These two are located almost at the crevice where the leg meets the groin. They hurt so bad. I can't walk without being in pain and even sleeping has been hard. I called the gyno and went in the next day. I met a new gyno who questioned me in her office pretty heavily--with no feedback at all. She then took me into an exam room and took cultures of the sores and did a HSV IgG and IgM blood test. She also did an internal exam and said she only saw sores where I said I saw them. She did give me any feedback the entire time and I was scared and crying. I finally asked her if they looked like herpes and she said, "Yes, they do. But not everything that looks like herpes is herpes." Great. That's the only feedback I could get from her. I will find out this Monday if what I have is herpes or not. I've been preparing myself for the positive results. Now, I have also been getting some mild itching in the same place where I felt it when my yeast infection started.

    I have been doing so much research on the topic. Obviously it's all I can think about. It is possible that I developed shingles, impetigo, or folliculitis. Or some type of bacterial/staph infection, which would explain the 24 hour bug. I do shave completely down there and folliculitis (which can turn into a bacterial infection) could be the culprit. It has been extremely hot and humid lately and I am very active for most of the day. Or could the yeast infection be the culprit? I'm holding on to a little bit of hope. But definitely prepared for the worst. :(

    Thanks for reading. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Number7

    Number7 Well-Known Member

    There are many things it could be -- guessing won't help. The only thing you can do at this point is wait for your results. You can also download a free herpes handbook (go to Westoverheights.com) to read while you are waiting. If this isn't herpes, at least you can educate yourself on transmission, etc.
  3. I just called to check on my test results. I was told that both my IgG and IgM blood tests were negative. But they are still waiting on my culture to come back. Still hopeful.....
  4. Dragon1234

    Dragon1234 Newbie

    After 8 years of suspecting, numerous doctors saying it's not, I'm stuck waiting for test results too. Sucks.
  5. mnonymous

    mnonymous Newbie

    Just be aware it takes 3 months for a blood test to be considered accurate. If your blood work is negative it is safe to assume you didn't have hsv before this guy. And it he's your only partner over the past 3 months it'd be safe to assume if your swab comes back positive, and your blood work was negative, that he gave it to you. If blood and swab are negative, then that's the best news possible! But at the same time, you would still need to follow up in 3 months because swabs aren't always able to pick up the virus. You are in my thoughts, and I wish you the best luck!
  6. You're absolutely right--exactly the thoughts that are going through my head. I would say it's safe to assume that this is the guy that gave it to me if I do have HSV. Still hoping for a negative result with the cultures, but I may have waited too long to get the sores swabbed. I was pretty diligent though. Two of the sores that I got swabbed were newer than the others. I'm pretty sure I got to the gyno within 48 hours. But who knows. If the sores come back negative, I'm still not ruling out anything and will definitely be getting another blood test done in 3 months. Thanks for your post. Any kind of comments are helping me get through.....
  7. Called in and asked again for culture results. They were negative. So.. negative blood work and culture. I asked them to prescribe me something before they can see me and they wouldn't because the results were negative. And their first available appt isn't until Monday. I'm more stressed out now than I was before.......
  8. Acesheart

    Acesheart HC Support Provider

    Hey hashtag realtalk, please don't stress. If you do wait the 3 to 4 months it will give the antibodies time to build up in the bodie. I have lived 24 years with ghsv2. I'm married to a non h man almost as many years. Has either of you ever had chicken pox or mono? Well that is Herpes Zosters. Has he or you ever had a cold sore or fever blister. That is h1.. Many have h in one form or another and never know til they do the Igg blood which is most accurate for detecting h. He also needs to get tested for h, since you know that clinic does not test for it. I live a very normal life with my husband, daughter, and my h. Yes I agree read up on that book number7 suggested. This way you will know more than probably anyone in your circle of friends or family. I am so very sorry you are so stressed. But I am very happy you now have support and access to good information about h. Welcome to our site. We are here for your support. Take care hugs. Truly, Ace. :)
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