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witch hazel and tips i found for relief during OB

Discussion in 'Coping with Outbreaks in Every Day Life' started by IWillRise, May 11, 2009.

  1. IWillRise

    IWillRise Newbie

    I was recently diagnosed and my first OB was torture I couldn't believe this was going to be a regular occurrence.

    Understandably when I recently noticed my second outbreak coming on from the stress of finals I freaked out I was scared sh*tless and that stress only brought it on quicker. I went to my doctor and got my anti-viral acyclovir, but did my own homework.

    Obviously, drying out the sores is key after hearing about witch hazel I went for it what did I have to lose. It burns slightly but it makes the OB site feel much better afterwards not only that but it has cut my healing time pretty much in half. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and so it dries out the herpes without the sting of rubbing alcohol. It has been a god send this time through. That in addition to vitamin C and l-lysine supplements have made this outbreak extremely manageable. I couldn't be more excited I feel like I found a method to make having herpes hopeful. I suggest it to anyone
  2. happytobme

    happytobme Newbie

    Witch hazel tip

    Thank you soo much for the tip. I've had HSV II for 20+ years now and rarely have outbreaks, but this tip will come in handy when needed.
  3. Musicfan

    Musicfan Member

    I did not know this Thanx sooo much! Soo much to learn about this crap!
  4. overcoming

    overcoming Member

    I will def go pick up some witch hazel! I also use tea tree oil!!!!!
  5. topdog

    topdog Member

    OB's each week!!

    Can someone give me any suggestions on how to deal with these OBs. Each week I seem to have an OB on a different part of my body.
    I am no longer taking any neds because these suppressive drugs made my OB even worst after not having an OB for a good 9 months.

    I have been off the neds for about 6 months now so maybe thats the reason but I'm not sure!!
  6. overcoming

    overcoming Member

    Have you tried taking Olive Leaf Extract? What is your diet like? Stress does make it worse for the record. Do you scratch the obs? My most recent one itched like crazy and I scratched it which made it last longer and I think it might leave a mark :(
  7. topdog

    topdog Member

    No, i dont scratch but they have left marks in the genital area. But I can llive with that...Stress, I am always stressed!

    you've mentioned Olive leaf Extract, What is it?

    I have come across postings of people taking Immune boosters: Vitamin B and Lysine Does this work?
  8. overcoming

    overcoming Member

    Yes, I take Lysine religiously!!! I have not tried vit B tho, but it couldn't hurt.
    You can find Olive leaf Extract at your local health food store.
  9. hatemyex

    hatemyex Active Member

    how often do you apply the witch hazel? and what do you use? cotton ball or q-tip?
  10. proudmama

    proudmama Member

    I've recently (in the past month or so) started using witch hazel a lot, too. I'm taking Acyclovir and I think it's finally helping, but I still get itchy feelings and tingles sometimes. Whenever I feel this I just apply the witchy hazel a few times a day. It makes it feel better and it dries the area. It seems like whenever I get all sweaty down there (like when doing yard work) I get itchy and irritated, too. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm getting an outbreak or not, but I use the witch hazel anyway because it feels good and it won't hurt anything. I just put a little on some toilet paper and put it all over. It burns if you get it inside, though. I always use it after sex now, too, because my skin just feels irritated after all that rubbing and and I'm paranoid it wants to break out. I LOVE the stuff.
  11. hatemyex

    hatemyex Active Member

    well since this post, i have tried the witch hazel and it DOES work wonders =) does not burn and the outbreaks heals up way faster. thanx!
  12. topdog

    topdog Member

    Is there any difference between Witch Hazel and Peroxide?
    I use Peroxide on my OBs. When doing so, it just fizzles on top of the OB..
  13. hatemyex

    hatemyex Active Member

    i think peroxide is a much harsher product especially if you say it fizzles!! think about it, thats what people use to bleach their hair so it is a veru strong product. but do you find that it works though?
  14. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover Member

    Thank you all so much. I am going to get some Vit. C L-lysine, and witch hazel today.
  15. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover Member

  16. Somewhereovertherainbows

    Somewhereovertherainbows Active Member

    OMG witch hazel is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so itchy, and I put witch hazel on and its like its disappeared!! thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :D
  17. artgirl87

    artgirl87 Active Member

    Do they sell witch hazel at regular stores (wal mart, meijer, etc.) or do you have to get it from some kind of health store?
  18. JeansAndT

    JeansAndT Active Member

    nope- you can get witch hazel anywhere. probably next to the rubbing alcohol.
    as far as peroxide goes, it's chemical name is h2o2, which means it has one more atom of oxygen than water does. thats all. I know that when i used to get blood on (ahem) clothing ( :D ) I would put peroxide on it until it stopped fizzing and the blood would come right out. It sort of eats away at the organic material in clothing. I've read that while it kills germs, it is also damaging live skin also, so it's not good to use all too often. Having said that- if it kills this crap.. why not??? lol
    any thoughts on using witch hazel daily as a cleaner in hopes of preventing an OB? I've also heard on some websites to open (non genital) sores in the shower to allow the infection to release and heal faster. sound right?
  19. babeintoyland

    babeintoyland Newbie

    Hi, thanks for this advice. I have tried a lot of things and my lesion doesn't want to dry up and go away. I've had it for four weeks. I'm going to try the witch hazel.

    I hadn't had an outbreak in 18 years!!!

    When I was in the hospital having my son 18 years ago I had a lesion and the only thing the doctor gave me was a fan to dry the lesion up. It worked. So today that is what I'm doing and it seems to be working again!

    Take care!
  20. sweetheart87

    sweetheart87 Active Member

    Witch Hazel...that's awesome I never thought of that. I think that would probably work great. I have only got 1 ob since I got diagnosed but...having it around wouldn't be that bad of an idea! thank for the info
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