Boost the Immune System, fight herpes

Your immune system is one of your most valuable weapons against the herpes and cold sore virus – it is your body’s natural defense mechanism and first line against any viral attack.

How does your immune system affect Herpes and Cold Sore Outbreaks?

Your immune system is responsible for your recovery during an outbreak, as well as controlling the frequency and severity of  herpes simplex recurrences. When your immune system is over burdened or compromised the hsv virus will use the opportunity to come out of it’s dormant state and proceed to incubate and eventually cause an outbreak to occur.

Supporting your immune system with what it needs is your best opportunity to control the virus and future outbreaks.

Humans have used herbs for centuries help to boost their immune system and improve the body’s resistance against this retrovirus. There is a substantial body of evidence to support the benefits of herbs against the HSV, their antiviral and immune stimulating properties are amazing.Particularly the following herbs:

  • Andrographis
  • Echinacea
  • Olive Leaf

A supplement called the Immune Support Formula contains these herbs in a guaranteed potency formula. This supplement has been used for over a decade and been found to be extremely helpful against herpes.

Can these herbs help prevent transmission of the herpes virus?

The antiviral herb Andrographis is a key component in treating herpes holistically. Andrographis helps to interfere with the way viruses alter healthy DNA. It works in “synergy” with Echinacea, a herb which helps to improve the effectiveness of Andrographis when they are taken in conjunction with each other. This combination, along with Olive Leaf, can be formulated to help ward off future recurrences.

Andrographis also inhibits herpes virus activity in vitro and improves the level of killer T-helper cells (cells in your immune system that are essential to control herpes).[1]

Echinacea assists the body in the formulation of “interferon”, a compound which blocks replication of virus proteins. Echinacea also increases levels of “properdin”. This is a protein in the body that helps the immune system destroy and suppress virus cells.[2]

Olive Leaf has been shown to reduce Viral Shedding at the cell membrane in one Clinical Trial.[3] With further study, this could potentially help to reduce a risk factor in relation to spreading and preventing herpes, possibly offering a safe natural complement or alternative to suppressive drugs.

What to look for when buying antiviral herbs

Quality is an important consideration if you want any natural therapy to work, so research a brand before using it. If the herbs are ‘standardized’ to a guaranteed potency this can help to ensure their effectiveness with every batch.

Standardization is a special process which guarantees that you are getting the quality of concentration required for the herb to work.

If you are taking the herb in a tablet or capsule form look for one that doesn’t contain Gelatin, or Gelatine. Gelatin is rich in an amino acid called Arginine that can aggrevate herpes, yet is still found in many supplements indicated for herpes.

Benefits of taking antiviral herbs:

  • They can boost your body’s natural immune resistance against the herpes virus, helping you to recover more quickly and possibly prevent a recurrence
  • May possibly help to reduce the replication and growth of the herpes virus, especially if taken as soon as possible after the first exposure to the virus
  • May help to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to a non-infected partner, and may also offer a non-infected person some resistance against contracting the virus


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