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acne outbreak and herpes 1

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by sore_cold, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. sore_cold

    sore_cold Member

    i am 37 and had outbreak of acne (cystic form) mostly on the cheek area which started about 3 months ago...i never had such a severe outbreak of acne in my life...would like to ask if anyone know if herpes can cause acne outbreak...

  2. sore_cold

    sore_cold Member

    facial outbreak

    I have read somewhere in here about facial outbreak in addition to cold sore...

    so I am reasking what I have ask above, that is can you distinguish between facial herpes outbreak and acne outbreak?
  3. stiLLbeautiful

    stiLLbeautiful Active Member

    Ihave experienced the same thing!! only I have GH and have never had a cold sore near my mouth ever... but I have been breaking out with cystic acne as well. Yuck.. it hasn't been too bad though.. just more than normal
  4. seek2lern

    seek2lern Newbie

    Changed my diet cuz of H1; now undergrounders

    What I'm dealing with is diet change after herpes on lip recently. Became systemically ill for12 days and only been sicker 1 time before about 13 years ago. Now I've changed a lot of the healthy things I have been eating for a long time like whole grains, nuts, seeds, etc. to reduce arginine in my diet. By the time I try to be more alkaline than acidic on top of the herpes diet. Oui! I am willing to make the changes to be well, but now underground pimples are appearing below my mouth, half-way to chin and one on chin a week ago. They are not the sore, painful and angry type, But they're there. No one wants pimples and especially a 50+ yr. old who has good skin. Nothing else has changed except diet. Make-up is the same, skin care is same. I take good care of my skin and use products from a well-known line that works for me. I want to be proactive and take charge of the triggers for this herpes thing, but the thought of dealing with pimples regularly is annoying to put it mildly.:rolleyes: I am eating salads with romaine and spinach and eat veges. Have mostly given up onions and garlic. This is difficult! LOVE VEGES!!! I'm eating a bit more dairy than normal due to lack of choices. Especially breakfast. No oatmeal, or multi-grain bread. Have succumbed to corn tortillas from Traders Joe's made only with corn, lime and water. Taking away whole grains is like NUTS!!! Also...IS it necessary for me to stop those good things in my diet if I take L-Lysine? It's such a bummer to look on a list before one eats. And it means some diet changes for my husband too. We've spent years trying to make good, healthy changes for our lives and now... HELP PLEASE!!!
  5. aliveandok

    aliveandok Member

    Prescription acne products work!

    Me TOO!!!

    Go in to your dermatologist and see if they can get you a prescription for a prescription line acne products (I use Obagi) It's the ONLY thing that worked on my acne that came out during an HSV1 outbreak - no idea if they were related and don't care - just glad for relief.

    Retinol A - fast cellular turnover

    HydroQuinone - skin bleacher - helps with the redness of blemishes

    AlphyHydroxy Acids - help slough off cells

    An exfoliator - I'm using one from Crabtree & Evelyn

    I tried the over the counter stuff -- only the CLINICAL STUFF from the Dermatologist made a difference.
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